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Originally Posted by JessieNY View Post
Also, we have a little boy that I am not sure how he would handle having another "mommy" in the house if this did happen?
I wish I had the answer to this one. However I do recall a couple years son's best friend (who's mother was divorced, and at the time living with another woman) had his 'two mommy's' And my son would sometimes ask why he couldn't have two mommy's too. (And wasn't interested in getting rid of Dad in the process either)

Originally Posted by JessieNY View Post
Also, how is one to feel when told no more babies but then wants to have babies with the new partner?
I don't think anyone can tell you how to feel with this this a question that has actually come up in practice? Or is this from a place of "what's the worst case scenario?"
In either case, I expect you and your husband still have a lot of soul searching, communication, more communication, some possible internal reorginization, and even more communication. (I wonder if there's a theme there? ) It can be a lengthy process...I can only suggest to take your time with it, and be patient.

Originally Posted by JessieNY View Post
I have many questions and i am sorry to ramble on. You all are so insightful and helpful! I love it!
Don't apologize for asking's why the forum is here.

Cheers, and welcome to the forum.

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