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Default Welcome home from hell. Counseling session #1 is today.

Thank you, GalaGirl and well, everyone.

A few shorts hours ago, everything exploded, and it wasn't pretty at all. Matt ended the relationship. Si was understanding and respected that. When she asked was there anything else? It went from cloudy skies to an ominous sky with dark clouds and lightning strike something. Let's just say Matt bared his soul and every feeling. It went from open honesty to venom being spewed. Matt didn't say anything in a rude way, but he made his feelings clear and known. What was said attributed to her reaction. From that second on, it was no holds barred.

I wanted to stop it, but I don't think it could have been prevented. To see the two people I love going at it like that, I can't even put that into words. In all the years of knowing them, I have never seen those sides come out. I know that when you're upset and when your heart is involved, you may say things out of hurt. That's not what that was. It wasn't an ex-lovers quarrel.

Quite a few things came from their argument. I hope those things are a result of anger and a hot-head. I can't talk to either of them right now. They have to calm down first. I don't do the yelling and screaming. Right now, keeping them apart is important. She's at her place right now. My husband is with our kids right now. Session #1 is in a couple of hours. They can't talk this one out by themselves. I have no desire to be the referee. With as heated as things were left, it would be the beginning of another argument. Praying for the best and clarity.
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