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It did work though, it gave our marriage a boost. She continued to see more and more of Alex, and I had my own thing as well. It was good, no doubt about it!

The difference between my thing and hers, was that mine was just sexual. What she had with Alex may have been born out of lust, but it soon became apparent to me that she loved him, and he loved her, and she admitted as much to me when she was ready to make their relationship more serious. This made me jealous at first, but she had a way of drawing me closer to her, and making me feel more secure in her own love for me, while at the same time giving as much time to her relationship with Alex as they needed. She was very good at it. She also made it a huge turn-on for us both!

Alex and I were eventually introduced to each other, and hit it off straight away. We became, and still are good friends. He started to spend more and more time at ours, and her at his, until it became a hassle for him to go back to his place at night, or for her to come home. So we agreed it would be better for us to find a place that was more suitable for the three of us. It was not long before we were all under one roof.

All of us were very happy with this, it really did work very well. She would spend one night with me, and the next with Alex. We would often all be in the same bed together. She was never happier.

As to be expected, things started to change over time. She told me that she wanted space to herself. So she decided to spend more time in her own room. In truth, this was just a way for her to spend more time with Alex, without actually having to tell me that that was what she wanted. When she made out that she was in her own room, she was actually in his. We all knew this, but it was allowed to go unsaid.

It did not bother me. I excepted that she had a stronger sexual connection with him, and of course it also allowed me to see who I wanted too, when I wanted. I took full advantage of that. Also, my wife* still spent plenty of time in my room, and we still had a very strong connection.

Her becoming pregnant was a bolt out of the blue.
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