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Default As much as I love her, she is asking to much!

Hi, I'm a new member, but long term lurker of this forum, and I really wanted to run something past you all in the hope that you could give me your opinions, advice, or criticisms! And also for me to just get things off of my chest a little.

My wife & I met each other when we were 21, fell in love, travelled for a few years, and then got married at 24. First few years were great, no real responsibilities, I had a good job, we had a great group of friends, had a lot of fun, and a good lifestyle.

I soon had the want of starting my own business, but the struggle to get it up and running, and then to initially keep it as an ongoing concern, meant long hours, and a real shortage of money for a few years. This was when the struggle of day to day life started to really get to my wife. It was made worse by a miscarriage which devastated us both. She took a long time to get over it. I think that I did the best I could to really help her, she disagreed!

Things got better, money troubles started to lessen as my business started to take off a little, and we started getting out more, and seeing our old friends again. We had flirted a little with the local fetish scene before, and through the encouragement of a mutual friend, we got back into it. It was there that she met Alex, with whom she had an affair!
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