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OK. How about something like this? Edit at will.

Hon, I love you and want to support you. But I need it at a volume where both our needs are met to the happy medium level. Could you be willing to talk to me to find where that level is at?

I am happy you are dating and I want you to feel happy and good in yourself.

I want your first few dates to be your own thing though. The part I am having a hard time with is being your cheerleader when you go on dates. From start to finish. How to approach asking them out. Pre-game cheerleading. Post game wrap up. To me that's a volume of 10 and I feel uncomfortable at that volume.

I need to be free of being this involved in the play by play so I can feel more comfortable. I am willing to do __(list actions)___ and feel that's coming in more at a volume of (6? 7?). That's more doable for me. Still supportive but not too close for comfort.

Would that volume level meet your need for support in this area? Little higher? Little less?

If you need more input than I can give without overextending myself... could we talk about making some poly friends? Use online resources? Could you be willing to talk to me about all this more deeply? I want to find the happy medium with you if you could be willing -- the place where my wants, needs and limits are honored AND your wants, needs, and limits are too. Thanks.

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