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I appreciate the links and I get what the hype is about concering the doublestandards of "how unicorns feel". I will say that there are two sides to every coin, for every mistreated woman im sure there is one that is treated very well. In my case, she is Asexual...if she could deal with all of my needs I wouldnt be on this forum discussing my life and trying to figure out what works for US. I dont want her to feel one sided in any way. Its not a issue for her because her needs are met on all aspects of life. She approached me on this and I thought how great it would be to open our home and share our life. With what I do and all that we are involved with we really have allot to give and share. Sex is a big issue for me with no doubt. I really didnt expect to be cast as the one "Red Flagged". With what I have done for the past 20ish years of my life, I have learned one thing.. we have a freedom of choice still in this country...unless that is taken too. You can choose to live a shitty existance and be a third wheel or take the helm and have a great life. My wife and I have spoken together about this at great lengths. I have zero desire to make her feel onesided. From what I read, Poly is allot of different things, none really limiting as long as both primary partners agree and are happy. If one is just settling then that at the end of the day is there sacrafice and choice. We are not in this for hot threesomes or other activities like that. Just looking to find that special someone that will fit into our lives as much as we could fit into theirs. Nieve maybe..who knows. Life is crazy. I could very easily use some of the women in my past for threesomes. Its not what either of us want. Is it a great fantasy...of course. Not the reason of our search.

I appreciate advice and critisism as always. I dont pretend to know how to spell

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