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Default Embarrassed to admit my wife has a loverÖ

After years of discussion we've finally taken the plunge into poly. My wife has fallen deeply in love with another man, and Iím pretty ok with that so long as my relationship needs are being fulfilled (they kinda' are but being in NRE my wife still sometimes/at times often thinks about him when she's with me, and is not 'present' which I resent but thatís another issue which we're talking through)

Whatís really bugging me right now is that somehow I feel less of a man because my wife feels the need for another, which is crazy as I know I canít be everything for anyone.

And hereís the really unfair bit Ė it would be super-cool for me to have another woman, but Iím embarrassed to admit my wife has a lover. WTF?

Is it ego, insecurity, cultural conditioning? What is going on here?
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