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Thanks for your response. I can understand how that person would get a bad end of the stick if it was a one sided relationship, however that being said my wife isnt bi, just wants to be included in some aspects of the relationship. I have read how impossible things are and I get it peoples feelings on the matter. What I dont understand is if it makes that third partner happy, then why all the disgust. At the end of the day if your happy in life and where you are and your not hurting people or short change peoples expectations then I have no problem with this. I kind of find it entertaining that its acceptable to find multiple partners but its frowned upon to find one. maybe I missed the mark.

I do appreciate the links I will check them out. I dont want to be percieved as a bad person here. I know what kind of secret life I use to lead to get what I needed from life as far as sex is concerned. I was tired of running around and taking care of my business in hiding. Being out in the open with my wife has made my life easier but with a new set of concerns. Would I be happy if I can find some one that is willing to share what I see in my wife? yes. Is it practical to think this? maybe not. I am always positive and hopeful. Never know how life will pan out.

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