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Smile sexual or sexless

My dear sister Moonstone,

If you're confused, it's only because I may be confused myself. I love sex. I dream about sex, but now, only as a thing of the past. I am 56 years old, out of shape and as ugly as a worty frog's ass.

I can find myself falling in love with someone because of their personality, regardless of what they may look like, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, lust after some young thing for her yummy young body just like the Vampire that I am.

However, for some reason, I'm not getting the close, intimate sex that I used to get. I quit having sex with my ex-wife way back when because I had lost her as an intimate friend. And, because of other things, it was
the only power I had in the relationship and
so, like some women do men, I cut her off.

I would love to be laying in bed, or on a
blanket, next to the woman with whom I have recently fallen in love, but alas, she's
married. I'd love to be staring into her eyes and listening to her voice while she talks about whatever the hell she wants, her hand wrapped around my penis. I could be touching her shoulder, then run my hand down her arm, feeling every little dip and rise. I love to touch her face, her neck, her chest, down past her breasts to her tummy. I'd love to gently kiss her face and then her lips, her shoulder and neck. I'd love to taste her from head to wherever she would stop me.

Ah, but she's married and, although I did so in the past, I don't cheat, and will not try to pursuade another to chest. She knows I'd do her faster than Superman, if given a chance. But she also knows I would jeapardize what we have just for an orgasm.

So, my sexlessness is a state of unfortunate circumstance. My ex-wife used to say, "You can't chose who you fall in love with." Well, I still don't know if I agree with that feeling completely, but I do know one thing. One can control whether or not one has sex. So I let this lady know I care for her and quite possibly falling for her, but that sex isn't what I'm after. One of these days, I'll find what it is I'm after. Until then, I'll love as much as I can get.

If I've confused you more, forgive me, its late, I'm a little waisted, and I've just returned from a B-52s concert.
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