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Originally Posted by Matt View Post
I don't want an argument, but it's going to happen. It needs to happen. I'm not the argumentative type, but this is the calm before the storm that has been brewing.
Just curious. What is your definition of an argument? I only ask, because my husband and I don't always agree on basic terminology (on more than one word I discovered) and he says he avoids telling me things because he doesn't want an argument. What he really means is he doesn't want me upset. While upset can also include and argument, it doesn't always, sometimes it's just crying, sad, hurt, disappointed, etc. In his mind, it all gets lumped into one and labeled "argument".

Obviously, this will be a difficult conversation. There will be hurt feelings and more than likely misunderstandings. Don't be surprised when she comes out with "Why the fuck didn't you say something sooner?" You might want to do a google search on ways to effectively communicate - believe me it can help.
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