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Originally Posted by ManofDiscovery View Post
I was still pleased that there are girls out there, albeit a very small % of them, that see this and think 'this is for me'.
From what I've seen, the majority of members on this forum are female... I don't know if that's indicative of the the general population, or only of people who go on polyamory fora, but it definitely proves that there are girls out there who think "this is for me."

I might even go a step further and argue that as far as polyamory specifically is concerned, females outnumber males. Biologically, men are driven to spread their seed and women are driven to pair bond for the protection of their young. As much as we humans like to pretend we're so evolved from our stone age ancestors, we're really not. Our instincts are identical, only our experience and knowledge differs. So a woman who can pair bond with more than one mate stands a much better chance of providing food and security for her offspring. Of course, I'm just making this all up. I'm reading Clan of the Cave Bears right now, so prehistoric humans are forefront in my mind these days.
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