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Originally Posted by WhatHappened View Post
You know, this is the kind of thing people are objecting to in the other thread. Maybe you're depressed because you're carrying too much of the weight in what should be a partnership. Although I do not consider myself poly per se, one of the things I like and respect that I've seen at this board, is the repeated statement that poly does not mean just jumping from one partner to the next, but being able to maintain your commitments to your partners. I don't see her meeting her responsibilities and obligations to you or your children.
Perhaps that's because I've been the one telling the story, and I've been self-absorbed, sunk in my own misery.

The history of our relationship, and the history of my career, is more than I can really relate in these posts.

I do need to be better at managing my own time. That's on me. Since the post to which you were responding is about causal explanation, the focus should be on facts rather than on blame. Let me own this one fact: I actually suck at time management.

That one's on me.

No blame to anyone else.

It does suggest a basis for doubts about my own capacity to be poly, though.

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