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The net result is that, even when she's here, I find myself feeling isolated and numb.
Are you depressed? Is there emotional distance?
We've been joking, between us, that the secret to happiness is lowered expectations. I suppose it's a kind of gallows humor, that.
My happiness largely stems from high personal standards. Less players, but better quality of experience. To joke about your marriage doesn't sound respectful of the marriage to me. It seems like another step in emotional distancing to me.

Well, I can't seem to lower my expectations quickly enough to keep up.
Why lower your personal standard? How's THAT supposed you make you feel content and all your wants, needs, and limits met and respected?

I think I'm in shock that the marriage I thought I had is gone . . . and not just gone: I think maybe it never was what I imagined it to be. That's a hard thing to compass.
Yes. It is. I hope you both work on bridging the gap. Because if you start skirting toward the 4 horsemen, that's no good.

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