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Originally Posted by JessieNY View Post
This is what I needed to hear. Though, who brought the other woman into the relationship?
That gets complicated. Easy answer would be me, but it wasn't that simple. B is a flirt and I work with her. We flirted a lot. Once she started crossing that bridge I mentioned she would have to meet my wife (we had been trying to hook this up for months but she worked nights and I worked days, she eventually got transferred). Nothing goes beyond flirting without her being involved.

They met, they got along and the girl kind of brought herself into the relationship (it was weeks of going out, enjoying each other and endless flirting and teasin). She knew we both wanted her and she told us we were going on a road trip to the city. In the end, all 3 of us picked each other. It needed to be that way, you can't have one person on the side dangling.

Not to say things are perfect and hunky dory. We have a relationship now, but due to a lot of challenges we have stopped having sex (we are working on this, hopefully it can be fixed). And there is still some insecurities involved to. Just last night my wife and I had to clear the air in regards to attraction. My wife was feeling a little jealous about how turned on I am when the other girl is around. She needed to be aware that this is a factor of the 3 of us together. I am not any more attracted to B than I am with my wife, but when the three of us are together I get this euphoric feeling. Everything just feels right.

hope that helps, and if you want I can put you in touch with my wife. This is relatively new for us and we are still working on, well, everything.
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