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I honestly had never thought of it much previously. I always was attracted to multiple people when I was younger but didn't know that it was something that could possibly happen so while I would flirt with them if I was in a relationship I never let it go any further than silly flirting.

Then I had a boyfriend who was cheating on me. When I found out I got pissed and broke up with him. Later, after that was done, I realized it wasn't the other person that made me pissed off it was the lying.

Once joining Ren Faire I met people who were in poly and/or open relationships and I realized that was a possibility. So when I started having feelings for people other than Woodsmith I told him about it and now we are here.
Cattiva: Me
Woodsmith: My husband
Tighearn: boyfriend/dom
Merry: Tig's wife/slave
N8: Merry's boyfriend/owner
Elle: N8 girlfriend
Ruby: Part of the Leather Family
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Arc: Logan's boy
Holly: Leather family
K: Holly's sub
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