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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
For example, I have a husband, a girlfriend, and a busy academic life. Someone like you would fit right into my life. You wouldn't put unrealistic demands on my time, and I wouldn't feel guilty about leaving you with my kitchen scraps.
Kitchen scraps. Why, you make it sound so appealing!

Somewhere, earlier on this thread, I wrote of how troubled I was by the fact that all I had to offer Nyx were scraps of my time and attention; I might even have used "table scraps" as the metaphor. It just didn't sit well with me, as though I was just using her as a means to my own ends.

But, now that my marriage is changing so radically, now that my expectations are plummeting, I have to recognize that it may be my fate to subsist on what little affection and connection people can spare from their own private feasts.

To be quite honest, if I can no longer have a private feast of my own, I think I'd rather be alone.

Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
The analogy that comes to mind is silly but apt. Suppose you have a peanut and you see a squirrel. Sure, one little peanut won't get that squirrel through the winter. But maybe he's already got lots of acorns to eat, and even though he really likes acorns and they satisfy his hunger, he would enjoy the peanut as a special treat.
Again, a troubling analogy. "Special treat"? Really? That makes it all seem so superficial, so . . . instrumental.

Even if I were to go with this analogy, there isn't exactly a surfeit of squirrels around, just now. Something about me might make them skittish - being a married man in his 40s with two children might tend to do that! - or maybe the peanut I have has gone rancid, or something.

Meanwhile, Vix has to beat the squirrels back with a stick . . . when she's inclined to.

Life is like that, sometimes.

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