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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
That does sound very bleak when you put it that way. From your description, you seem to be going through a grieving process.
This is close to the mark. I think I'm in shock that the marriage I thought I had is gone . . . and not just gone: I think maybe it never was what I imagined it to be.

That's a hard thing to compass.

Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
Many relationships have a natural lifespan. Is it possible your marriage is reaching its final days?
It's curious to me how quick people on this forum are to suggest pulling the plug on long-term relationships. This is the second such suggestion I received yesterday.

To be frank, it's one of the least admirable aspects of polyamory, and is the aspect of the would-be community here that makes me think monogamy might really be the better way to go.
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