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Originally Posted by JessieNY View Post
In our relationship now it is myself and my husband. We are looking to add a 3rd for both of us to be with her and a whole unit...not just me with her or him with her. My husband wants for it to be equal for the both of us women involved. We haven't found anyone per se though we have had physical relationships in the past together. We want this to be a group effort but i find since i was raised mono i am having a hard time dealing with the emotional aspects. I do not want to be a jealous person or the insecure one - which is something i usually am and want so much to change that about myself so i can love freely and deeply. But the mono part of my mind is always standing there pointing out all my worst fears...what if he leaves me in favor of her? etc etc etc
My wife had similar challenges initially, with our most recent partner. She worked through them, with the help of our friend. They spoke, rules were made and followed and slowly but surely those fears went away. In the end I was kind of a bystander watching the two girls build a deep friendship.

to be honest at this point, my wife is closer to our partner (b) than I am. B and I are having our own challenges opening up emotionally while the two of them have a very very deep rooted connection.
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