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Default Ok here goes!

Hi there

I'm fairly new to the poly world. A few years ago I didnt even know the word existed. Then my husband met a friend online and they started talking...

Ok let me start from the beginning, my husband and I have a very healthy relationship. We'll be married for 20 years this October. We are each others best friends. We tell each other everything and we're a very fun loving couple. Our oldest daughter will be leaving for college in the fall leaving our 13 year old home. Our family is everything.

Hubby loves to be on the computer and that's where paragraph #1 comes back in. He started talking with a woman online and they got to be friends, I asked about her husband and well things just went from there. I didn't know there could ever be such a thing as a poly relationship. It was exciting an we had fun while it lasted. Unfortunately things fell apart on my husbands relationship end and it had to end. This left me hurt because the feelings were very strong and although we tried to end things well, feelings were hurt.

Time has passed and I'm ready to find another couple to spend time with. The problem is where to find someone and how? I told my husband I would start looking this time and do it on my terms.

We are in Western NY, not too far from PA or OH. Thanks for letting me join
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