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@ Annabel

Him: Just tell them that i'm content vvith having you.
Me: Are you into Poly?
Him: Not in a vvay you think.
Him: I agreed to be in this, but i vvon't have tvvo girls, even if i could
Him: so, no. from my side, i'm not
Me: What if you ever find someone you fall in love with?
Him: There are types of guys that find their loved one and are content vvith that. i'm such a type
Him: even if you throvv a harem at me, i vvon't end up romantically attached to any

He allowed me to reply for him because he's not a member (nor he's interested)

My other mate doesn't want to have more than two women. He said he prefers what he called an "N shape relationship". He also said he will just get into that kind of relationship if he finds "a love too big to ignore", as you said.

"do you think that poly is somehow wrong and irresponsible and not truly loving?"

I thought so at first. Then I started to understand a bit more as he educated me in the subject. Then, I joined this forum to learn some more.
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