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Default Poly Newbies

Hi all. My wife and I have been in a monogamous relationship for 7 years, and married for 3. While we had kind of discussed opening things up before, we had an explicit conversation a couple months ago in which we both decided we wanted to develop a polyamorous relationship. While we are worried that it could be difficult to do so in Alabama as a couple with a child, we are excited about the possibility, and have tried to do a lot of research on maintaining openness and avoiding pitfalls.

We met a woman in our church recently who had been polyamorous, and would like to be again, who we are both attracted to. We would really like to ask her if she is interested in one or both of us, but this is our first time going about this so I'm wondering what a good way to approach it would be, and what setting. After church seems like a very public setting. I feel like we could also be very good friends so I wouldn't want some awkwardness from our attraction to her to mess that up. Perhaps that is just an issue that anyone wanting to date has to deal with, but it is definitely on our minds! Sorry if any of this had been addressed before, but I checked many of the threads (which were quite helpful in other topics!), but I didn't see this specific issue addressed.

Anyway, thank y'all for providing this welcoming and open community. I've already enjoyed reading the conversations on here.
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