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Originally Posted by franchescasc View Post
[*]You said you prayed the other day. I'm curious…who exactly are you praying to?
Obviously this pissed you off! I can assume she comes very religious background. From my personal observations of my own family, first reactions to news that someone they love has stepped outside their little box of acceptable behavior and beliefs is usually less than stellar Any deviation in theology is seen as an attack on them personally. Eventually, they get over it, but not after having their temper tantrum first.

A face to face meeting might go better. I now refuse to have religious/political debates with my mother over the phone, it never goes well . Send her a list of questions (specific to items she threw out at you), that she can have time to research and get back to you. Ask her specifics, like "How EXACTLY are your children being harmed?" or "Why would she think God would turn his back on you?", etc.

Don't allow her to rant and just throw out knee jerk accusations. Let her know that you will not subject yourself to that kind of abuse. If she has specific issues she can ask questions, but she must also be willing to listen to the answer without getting irrational. Remind her that your choices are not a personal attack on her.

For some unknown reason, at least to the Fundamentalist Christians I know, anything involving sex, that falls outside the traditional, seems to be one of the worst sins you could do (right up there with murder), but lying about your address to get your kid in a school outside your area is just brushed aside.
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