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Originally Posted by DrunkenPorcupine View Post

When I say "I am polyamorous" it means that I don't feel restricted by traditional relationship boundaries and defintions. I would call you polyamorous in my mind because you're open to the possibility of multiple relationships and loving multiple people. Not everyone here would agree with that assessment.

Go forward with love and respect. I don't think you can go wrong there, whatever fleeting feelings you might have now and then.
I think this was an excellent view.
At least on here - I see a lot of good people getting frequently all tangled up in terminology & labels. That often complicates things that should be simpler.
The point is, you've been exposed to a non-traditional way of thinking & living and seen some of it's potential for success. You're simply in a better place for that knowledge. It may or may not open wonderful options for you in life that you would have otherwise missed. Wonderful !
But in the same manner - there's no requirement or expectation for YOU (or there shouldn't be) as Porcupine alluded to. Just be who you are and what feels right to you !
It might also be appropriate here to mention another concept that comes up in discussions occasionally. I think of it as a concept of "fullness". There comes a time for all of us that we are just content with what we have in our life - and maybe some instinct that anything 'more' would start to cast a shadow. That point is different for everyone - and it seems to vary at different points in our lives -which obviously is one reason that conventional relationships CAN be successful. I say possible but much more rare. Many of us find we want that 'extra' in our lives - i.e. that we don't 'fill' quite as easily. And so - here we are
You'll find that point for yourself but at least now you are fully aware that should you feel you wish 'more', that is a totally valid & workable option.

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