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I generally agree with "true friends are there for you when no one else is" but there are limits. If I found out that someone I thought of as a friend was a child molester, I would be clicking that "Unfriend" button faster than you can blink.

Please don't think I'm saying what you did is anything like being a child molester. From my perspective, you're just living your life and doing what makes you happy. No one is being harmed. But in her mind, what you're doing is Wrong, with a big capital W. I'm sure she doesn't think it's as bad as being a child molester, but it rubs against her morals. She's in a situation where someone she thought of as a friend turned out to be not who she thought you were.

Unfortunately, there's really nothing you can do about that. She is entitled to her morals, as you are entitled to yours. She's allowed to pick and keep her friends using any criteria that she sees fit. Hopefully she comes around, but if not, then she's not someone you really want in your life anyway.
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