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Default Another Update

Things have been going really well, and mostly without bumps. I'm learning to be more open about how I'm feeling with MD instead of being scared it might scare her away. Which it might, but if it does, then it's not going to work. Not to say that I tell her every little obsession that comes to mind, just the things I've reflected on and I find important to communicate.

We had a great night Sunday, MD and her daughter came over for dinner with our whole family. We worked in the kitchen together, lightly sneaking in touches here and there. But overall, it was just amazing to see MD and FJ interacting and laughing together and feeling so loved. It was all so natural, the kids all got along and had a great time. All my favorite people were together, it was so nice. It was the first time we've all been together alone and not in a public venue of some sort. At the dinner table, my 7 year old exclaimed: "This is the best Sunday ever!"

MD and I also had our date night last night. We had a great time, never stopped laughing and we were totally relaxed. There was only very casual hand holding since we were in public most of the time, but just the time and affection of her attention was enough. Our connection is so intensely special to me. I feel lucky that she's in my life.

Staying in the moment and not worrying to much about the future can be hard. Especially after the judgement and fallout coming from my best friend after I told her about us. Unfortunately it makes it harder to see a way of being able to be much more open than we are right now in this small town. But alas, it is fine right now, so I'm happy. One day and challenge at a time.
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