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Originally Posted by ManofDiscovery View Post
Strangely, despite the fact that your intention is to disagree, your first paragraph actually agrees with everything I said. I'm responsible for getting what I want in life, so I go and get it.
There's that "it" again. That makes it sound like the girlfriend you're looking for is a possession, a trophy for you to go out and acquire.

And you did some fancy footwork (not really, but let's pretend) with accusing me of not asking questions... rather than actually answering those questions. So let's try again:

What is it you truly want? Why do you want a girlfriend?

People always want things for a reason. Sometimes people don't know the reason, and often they want things just because society tells them they should want it.

Me? I just want to be happy. I assume that's what anyone really wants, and everything else that they want is a means to that end. So under that (gasp!) assumption, it's natural to infer that wanting and actively seeking a girlfriend means you're unsatisfied with your present situation. If you're going to convince me otherwise, then you'll have to answer the question: why do you want a girlfriend?
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