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So my gf just had the strangest interaction with this (supposed) woman on OKC. She had a high match (90%) with my gf, and wanted to get to know her... only the woman lives in Washington, and we live in the middle of the Canadian Prairies. Ok, fine, long distance works for some people... but some things just weren't adding up. First being the >$1,000,000 salary she claims in her profile stats, while working for a non-profit doing adoption work. She e-mailed my gf some pictures and was supposedly a hottie... only she e-mailed them from an IP that traced back to a Staples in the middle of a commercial/industrial neighborhood... at 1:30 in the morning. The tone in her messages came across as a dude just trying to hook-up.

Then it got weird. The woman said she had a best friend who she sometimes slept with and who gets jealous. She claimed that if she got together with my gf, her friend would be really jealous unless the friend got to hook up with me. Say what? So now this complete stranger on the internet is pimping me out, sight unseen? Yeah....No. As in, run away screaming and don't look back No.

When my gf started to wonder if she was who she said she, she asked the woman to chat on Skype, primarily just to see if she even is a woman. The woman replied that her employer doesn't allow her to video chat or use Skype, because she does some top secret government work. Eh??? Top secret non-profit adoption government work? What, stealing perfect white babies from the Russians to deliver to rich friends of senators or something??

So my gf basically called her out, said that too many things weren't fitting together, and that she needed some confirmation from this woman that she is who she says she is. Personally, I would have just flat-out ignored her at that point, but my gf is the confrontational type. Strangely, there's been no response since.
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