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Hi kkxvlv,
Welcome to our forum.

I believe you'll want to visit our Life stories and blogs board soon, if you haven't already. There you'll be able to start your blog.

It sounds like you have a "V" situation with the two "arms of the V" (Herman and Jasper) being monogamous and possibly monogamous, and you (the "hinge of the V") being polyamorous. This mono/poly/mono dynamic can work, as long as the communication lines are flowing and everyone is working cooperatively to help meet each other's needs.

I've heard it said that many people have "degrees of poly-ness as an orientation." Someone who is 50-70% poly can probably still be happy in a monogamous life, if the conditions are right. But hopefully you'll be able to live the poly life that you desire.

Glad you could join us,
Kevin T.
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