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I think we are getting to an agreement. That's a good thing.

I asked him what the deal was. He told me he is not going to actively look for a partner. He said he wants to have a space open, in case someone who is dear to him (as my friend is to me) appears. That makes more sense to me.

I said it was all cool. I don't mind it. I only asked him to just give me some time. I said I was not ready for more people just yet, I still need to get adjusted to the whole situation (I started this sort of relationship on September last year. Not a very long time, imo) and I need to have my mind clearer. I'm stressed about a number of other things, so relationship problems are the last thing I need. He understood.

The lie problem ended up being a big misunderstanding. We talked it out too. I asked him to tell me about whatever happens and he agreed.

I guess it's all cool now (?)
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