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During the counselling session tonight I'm think I'm going to bring up the idea of ending the polyamory vigorously and see how the W and the counselor react. She's no closer to giving me what I want, and is getting angrier and more controlling by the minute. Last night I had to endure a lengthy rant about my FB posts cluing people in to the fact that I was alone with the girls, and she had to "justify" it to a bunch of close friends.

Then today she came down hard on me for scheduling a date with the wife of the "friend" I mentioned a few days ago, because she is afraid I will spill the beans with her and cause her more "grief".

More controlling behavior. I can't talk or see hardly anyone around here any more. I just have to live in my little chaste bubble while she f**** her guy multiple times/week. I've had it.
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