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Originally Posted by GSAS082612 View Post
... but my major question is, are you in a poly-triad or poly-vee. Depending on the type of relationship can explain different options and answers.
Originally Posted by FatMouse View Post
Umm... Can you maybe explain what that means? I seriously have no idea about the terms used here
FatMouse - GSA is asking if your "second mate" is also romantically involved with your "first mate". In a "triad" all three people are involved romantically/sexually with each other. The stereotypical example is the couple (usually straight guy/ bi gal) that is looking for a girlfriend for BOTH of them. In a "Vee" two people are involved with "hinge" person but not with each other (I get the impression that this is your configuration) - this is my configuration, I have a husband and boyfriend, but they are not boyfriends to each other (although mine happen to be best friends as well) - I am the "hinge" of the Vee and they are the "arms".

Hope that helps.

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