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Originally Posted by FatMouse View Post
If you are feeling so insecure, try asking a counselor or a psychologist.
I'm with the obese rodent; the conversation you ought to be having is about yourself, not your significant other. They want something different than you do, this happens and is nothing to get freaked out about. Wild, violent, and uncontrollable outbursts speaks to some serious emotional instability.

My all purpose "relationship problem" cure:
1. Get a hobby that does not involve your partner. Carve out time in the week for "whatever" time. Treat this alone time as if it is just as important as couple time. Spend some time experiencing the world as an individual.

2. Establish financial independence (if you don't already have it). This means, get a job, don't depend on another human to sustain life. It builds confidence and takes some of the burden off of your partner.

3. Get some exercise. A body that actually gets utilized is a high octane machine of awesome. A body that is sedentary and eats a bunch of junk is a breading ground for more laziness and depression.

4. For gods sake stop talking about "fixing the relationship". Relationship is simply a word we use to express people being involved with each other to some degree or another. Your relationship is not a thing, stop trying to fix it. You want to be happier in your life and in your relationship? Improve your outlook, get some exercise, find something that interests you, respect yourself... and viola, your relationship will change.
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