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Originally Posted by FatMouse View Post
When he told me he would be unhappy if he's not able to date, I felt guilty.
What about asking him to hold off dating others for RIGHT NOW, while you guys address some of your insecurities about the idea? Therefore you are not saying NO forever. Changing the status quo is never easy and can take some getting used to before your mentally ready to face it.

What are you afraid of? Do you even know? So many times just the thought of something sets off all our alarms and sends us into panic, but once we have time to calmly dissect it, there is really one or two items at the heart of it. Granted, they can be MAJOR factors, but once identified, solutions can be found to minimize or alleviate your insecurity.

Is it really that you can't share or is it more a fear of if you do, it will now be a competition and he will choose her?
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