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"You get two, I get two"

This is something he told me. And he mentioned I was being hypocritical when I got upset that he might consider adding someone else. I asked him and he said he would be unhappy if he fell for someone and had to choose or reject them.

When I got with my friend, he said that a three way relationship was okay, that it would work just fine. Not too long ago he said that he was willing to accept more, but he didn't tell me for fear of me getting angry and dumping him, so he lied to me.

I showed this concern of his second partner having more partners, their partners having more partners and having a load of people involved, and he said that not all people are into that. My friend is not the kind who would date anyone else besides me, so I don't know what to believe.

I'm confused, can anyone explain me how the hell this works? I'm starting to feel stressed out again.
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