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Originally Posted by jasminegld View Post
I am an activist, and out in lots of places as poly and as a poly activist...which threatened to seriously complicate a custody dispute I found myself connected to not so long ago. Because of my work with UUs for Polyamory Awareness, I was pretty well tied to UUPA's large umbrella definition, presented it to the lawyer, and stood by that defintion. I had made my decision about being out years ago; there was no running and hiding at that point.

Standing tall, confidently, and unashamedly works wonders. Nobody expects it. It confuses them.

At the same time, this was my decision and my family's decision. Each person and each family has to make their own decision, which is competely dependent on their own circumstances. Some of us can be out, and some of us can't risk it. No one else can judge.

Those of us who do choose to be out will make the world a little safer for everyone else every time we are visible. And things keep getting a little bit better.
Brava. And thank you for sharing that.

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