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Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
Along those lines, if it sometimes feels that parents react badly to the suggestion that they should make decisions more like you, or that they donít think you understand, some of that may be a result of a not so delicate approach...but in a few places like this thread, I think some of it comes from a place of envy. Just like some people grow up and get into the working world and long to be back in school again sometimes, so do some parents sometimes long to be able to make decisions for only themselves. To be able to enjoy a former life they might only vaguely remember where there was no responsibility, no babysitters, no minivan, or clothes covered in dried up pabulum.

As opposed to your suggestion, no one here suggested what anyone else should do in regards to their children. If that is what some decided to hear, how they decided to interpret it, there is nothing we can do about that.

Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
Itís not that non-parents donít have something to contributeÖand I would never assume that they have nothing to contribute just because they arenít a parent. I had plenty of good ideas before I was a parent that are still good ideas after too. However, having been a non-parent, while I believe itís possible, itís few and far between the individuals who are not parents who would truly understand the full mindset, and decision making of those who areÖand that can exist across time as well. The mind as a non-parent may be very different than a few short months later when they become a parent, and that one is different again than the mind after another couple years or raising a child.

The full mindset... Is there only one Imaginary? The one parent full mindset? The decision making of those who are parents.
Do parents differ at all Imaginary? Or is it the same mechanism?

Hmm, so with all these general statements I suppose it wouldn't hurt to add a few more.

Once one becomes a parent, they may not change.

Once one becomes a parent, they may change, they may become more radical than they were.

Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
In this particular context of addressing non-parents (and I would gladly remodel this for dozens of contextsÖitís that versatile), I would simply paraphrase it to say, [I]who do you think understands the experiences and challenges of being a parent? You, or those who have time-in as parents?
Ok, I see what this is. An elaborate thread hijack.

Do you have an opinion on disassociating sex from polyamory and/or individuals disassociating from polyamory because it encompasses the more sexual aspects as well as the less sexual? Do you think it's an issue? Do you think it may effect the success of campaigns to gain poly rights?

Any thoughts?

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