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The party was great, both me and rory had a very good time! Rory met Gemma and Casper, everyone got along really well. Casper is adorable. I had almost forgotten about that because I hadn't seen him in a while, but now the feeling came back and I have to admit that I still am crushing on him a little. I'm quite sure he's not feeling the same, so I'll just enjoy his company when I happen to see him and that's it.

There's this guy I've met a few times before in meetups and parties and always thought he's nice and attractive. Actually the first time I met him was the first time I also met Casper, so a few months ago now. Back then I thought that both of them were really interesting but I didn't want to contact both of them at the same time after the meetup, so I ended up just contacting Casper. Now this guy was at the party as well. Let's call him Hank. He was also at the last party I wrote about. He told me that at some point last time he was looking for me and then noticed that I was in a pile of people and didn't want to disturb. Okay, so last time I only talked to him briefly, but this time I got some more time to get to know him. I told him that at the last party I made out with a bunch of people and he said he hasn't made out with anyone in quite a while now. I told him that he should just ask someone if he wants to make out with them. I had mentioned to rory earlier in the evening that I think he's interesting, so after that comment rory looked at me in a certain way and kinda coughed loudly. So after that I asked Hank if he wanted to make out, and he did. Yay for encouraging girlfriends! Then rory started bossing us around and made us kiss some more and told him he should touch my boobs. She was being very dom-y, it was interesting and kinda hot. Hank seemed a little confused at first, but went for it. Me and Hank ended up making out quite a lot during the evening and rory seemed to enjoy looking at us. At one point I was kissing Hank and rory was kissing my neck, that felt amazing! My life is just too good to be true. At some point he had to go to sleep and we exchanged phone numbers to hopefully see each other again. He doesn't live in Dream City though, so it'll probably be a while until that happens. We'll see. Anyway, life is good.

And today rory and Evan are both coming to my place to meet each other! I'm so very excited!
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