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Sounds like an enjoyable evening I just want to point out (I mean you're pointing it out to yourself a lot in these last couple of posts but I don't know if you really "see" it) that maybe Gia is responding in this way because you backed off and didn't pressure her. It sounds like you're getting some of the things you hoped for and even some things you didn't have to ask for. Stress about details and negative thoughts about comparisons and dwelling on what you aren't getting... sounds like what I do - but we both know it's not useful.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about kink lately, and your blog has been hitting home. I very strongly desire to have more of a D/s dynamic with one of my partners but I don't think it will ever be more than an occasional and minor part of our relationship, it's just not his thing. The longing to have that with a particular person can be overwhelming at times, which I hadn't really realized until recently. I keep finding myself cheer leading for you to get what you want!
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