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(continued from the previous post)

Back at the club, I got onto the dance floor once more. Eddie bought me a drink and I ended up getting more tipsy than I'd intended, verging on drunk. Dexter and I danced together. It wasn't the first time we've danced together, but it was more charged than it's been in the past. It's funny, I'm not attracted to Dexter, per se. Physically, he's not at all my type. I wouldn't ever have gone for him as a romantic partner, either, he's a little too quiet and self-effacing for me... but seeing him and Gia together has really brought out his positive qualities for me. I've gotten to see sides of him I never would have guessed at, and they're sides I quite admire and like. So, kissing him wasn't something I was intending, it was a surprise, and yet there we were, and that's what we were doing. It didn't quite make sense to me on one level, and yet it didn't feel wrong in the least.

I forget, actually, who suggested it, but either Dexter or I suggested that we -- Gia, Dexter, and me -- ought to go back to my place. Gia eagerly accepted the proposition (to my surprise -- note what I said above about her relishing her time at the club). We piled into Dexter's car and in no time at all we were in my room.

At first it seemed like the encounter would be exactly what I would have expected, which was for Dexter and me to both focus on Gia, with relatively limited direct interaction between he and I. We took turns, one of us pleasuring her while the other kissed her. It was clear she was in heaven. But then she smiled at me and said that I needed some attention, and she moved down and started making love to me with her mouth. The sensation was immensely enjoyable, of course, but what really made it special to me was just that she was doing it. That she wanted to do it. She hasn't done that in so long, I've thought that perhaps she just doesn't like my genitals enough to engage with them in that way any more. But she was enthusiastic, she was good, she took her time, and it felt like something lifted off of my shoulders at last. And I was kissing Dexter all the while, and he's a very good kisser, as it turns out.

I won't go into all of the details, but suffice to say that all three of us had our worlds well and truly rocked over the course of a couple of hours. Dexter is a VERY talented man, which is all the more fun coming from someone so unassuming and inexperienced and sweet. In fact, he's so good at certain things that a part of me started to feel rather inadequate. It was just as I feared when I posted above about being concerned that I would make comparisons. "I mean, no wonder she wants him more than me," I thought to myself, "he's really something. Listen to those sounds she's making, has she *ever* made sounds quite like that with me? And hey, while we're on the topic of insecurity, did you notice how eager she was to leave the club to come back here? How come she's never taken the opportunity to leave early before in order to be with JUST you... why are you not worth it on your own?" Annoyed at myself, I shoved the thoughts out of my brain. Here I was, getting soooo many things that I liked so very very much, why not just focus and enjoy it??

Gia bit and sucked on my neck, leaving two big, angry red marks, which I simply adored. She called me hers. We told each other over and over and over again that we loved each other. In retrospect, I didn't hear her say that to Dexter, I think perhaps she hasn't told him yet how she feels. If he felt left out, though, he showed no sign whatsoever. On the contrary, he seemed to almost glow with enjoyment.

All in all, it was a crazy night. Lows, highs. Nothing at all I regret. In the afterglow, my insecurities felt silly -- so what, he's good at sex, haven't I given her plenty of orgasms? Damn right I have. Sure, she made some intense sounds, well hey I probably did too, the boy is just good at what he does, give him credit. And hey, I'll learn from the things he did, I'll get better than I was before, it's a good thing. So what, she left the club early, didn't she get to the club late because she was sharing a special time with me? Damn right she did. And hey, has she ever left the club early to be JUST with him? Nope. So why on earth be bothered? Just, let it be, let it be, enjoy a good thing. I was exhausted by that point, just completely worn out mentally and physically. Sleep came quickly, the bed crowded with warm bodies.

Gia left just before dawn. Dexter napped with me in my bed for a couple more hours, then left as well. I slept for a few more hours, then woke up and grinned lazily at the stains on my sheets.

As a postscript, it would seem that Gia and Eric are experiencing some tension over the D/s twist that his relationship with Helen has taken. She's concerned that he's not taking it seriously enough and not being safe enough, and also that he's not running things by Gia before doing them as much as she'd like.

On some points I definitely agree with her, on others I think she's struggling with jealousy and perhaps being harder on him than necessary because of it. I mean, does she run everything she does with me by him before doing it?? I certainly don't think so. Of course, it's hard to say from the outside who's right or who's wrong on any given point within a relationship as complex and as constant as a marriage. I gave her some advice, they're talking it out, I think (hope!!) they'll be fine.
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