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Default Blog in User Profile

I have decided to use my User Profile where it says "Visitor Messages" as a sort of combination between a Blog and a Facebook Wall. I think this is a good idea because it gives the blog/profile owner complete control over all posts made on there, unlike this sub-forum which requires moderators to make any changes after 12 hours, and/or for posts made by other people that the blog owner wishes to have removed. I recommend that other people try this if they are so inclined.

The way people would know if there is a new post in one of these is by updating a thread in THIS section and posting a link to it (although a link is not necessary because one can get to a user's profile by clicking on the user's name, but I realize that it's part of the human condition to make things more complicated than they really are, so in the spirit of both enabling and thwarting that mentality, I endeavor to suggest as many choices as I can think of while simultaneously mocking those to whom i so contradict myself. but sometimes I digress, and this seems to be one of those times). Also, if a profile-blog generates discussion, those posts can either be split off into a discussion thread (by ANYONE - not just the OP), or people who are interested in it can make their own link to it and return via their own efforts.

Of course, I'm not saying that MY blog is going to generate anything interesting or discussion-worthy. After all, my name is "BoringGuy" not "FabulousCharismaticExcitingKnockYourSocksOffG uy" (it wouldn't let me put that many letters in when I registered so I had to settle for "Boring" because I couldn't make up my mind between "Charismatic" and "KnockYourSocksOff" as the prefix, but as I said before, I digress sometimes and this is another one of those times). However, someone brought these questions up when I ran this idea by them, and I thought everyone should know that I have thought about these things and those are the answers I came up with.

Anyway, I made a wall post on my profile and I hope it bores the hell out of anyone who bothers to read it. I have to go out and buy cat food now. Have a day. :|

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