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Red face

I do get upset sounding when things don't go well. So the way I act I am she plays a big part in things. As for trying to making it hard she said she did not want us to make a day without her cause we are a trio now. I do understand that part but I don't understand is how am I to not do anything on a day like that with just me and him.

As for getting alone time with him, she said if that needed then what is the point of her being here. I told her me and him need to be strong for our trio to work. I have told them I don't want a date or a whole day without her. I would be happy with a 30 min drive. But she gets upset cause he don't ask her to run to the store with him. Things are just getting so hard..

I have lay in down of that I need from all this. He dose want to get alone time with me but if she going to freak out then he don't want to upset her. That I do get cause it throw the whole family off when one of us is upset. So I think I need to be less bitchy and bossy of things.
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