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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
The impression I'm getting is that in fact both aren't accepted as valid.
But more then that I get the impression that because I'm prioritizing the safety of my children first-there is an assumption that I am not an activist and that in fact I am "leaving my peers in the dust" along with the implied "threat" that because of this choice-those same peers will leave me hanging when I "need" them.
I'm not sure where you get the perception that people are assuming that you're not an activist from. Nobody was saying that you weren't an activist or anything like that to my knowledge. This piece of the conversation started when a specific person said that they chose to not identify as poly because of certain lifestyle choices of other poly people that they didn't agree with. All I was saying is that equating poly with those lifestyle choices is an assumption made about poly and an inaccurate one. To make a decision based upon an inaccurate assumption does nothing to undo that assumption as it's held by the larger society. You came into this after that was addressed.

In truth-I am very active in trying to stop all sorts of prejudice-but I do it with the priority of my children's safety in the forefront, not as a secondary priority...
And that's awesome. I love and respect my friends who do the same.

Answering to the rest of this would just have me repeating myself. I'm not even sure where this whole "You have to be an activist" came into this. Can you please provide me with an example of where one of us said or implied something to that effect in this thread?

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