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Thanks for your reply. We have know for awhile that she needs someone larger than me. So as far as sex someone else will always be primary to her. We love it this way.
After she first fell in love with someone else, which did'nt last long because he moved. She latter brought up feelings with him. She did not explain what they were. The second time she brought it up I asked, "what feelings" and asked love? She said yes, it had to happen again. There must be something she can't feel with me or she feels it more with the right guy. We have a very good marriage. Common interests, love each other, like each other, close. Close and have never had a fight. Disagreements yes. and alot of trust.
She has been with her new love around three years. She says she can feel alot more love with him than me. We had talked awhile ago and talked about married women being able to give more of themselves to a lover. I visit a wife sharing site. A woman stated she a has a deep emotional connection with her lover that she has never had with her husband. Another said her lover has a part of her that her husband does'nt have. I beleive this can be some what common. When she first learned about her falling in love with someone else I just thought my needs followed hers. Now I believe I am just wired to be secondary when it comes to sex and love.

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