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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
Hello and Welcome to the Forums!

You might be interested in reading this thread. As it may relate to some of what you are describing.

I don't know that it is the same thing but ... my husband, loves me... a LOT. But he doesn't often want sex.

I think, at this point, he feels relieved that I am getting those needs met with Dude (my boyfriend). He loves seeing me all happy and sexually satisfied even though it wasn't him, directly, that was the cause. (Although, ultimately, the reason that I am able to "have my cake and eat it too" is because MrS is the man that he is...I would never have given up what I had with him to pursue Dude - luckily, in the end, I didn't have to.)

My husband seems perfectly happy to be "secondary" on the sex front...the "love" front however? Hmmm...I don't think so on that one, for us. Although he is fine with the fact that I love Dude TOO (he is the one that pointed it out to me, after all, and told me that it was "okay", that there was nothing wrong with feeling that way, when I was having my doubting/questioning time.) "More" though? - THAT might raise flags. (Actually, I don't know that it is possible for me to love someone "more" than I love my husband..."differently" perhaps, but "more" is a question-begging term.)

People are different,, whatever floats YOUR boat is fine - especially if everyone else's boat is floating too .

We have a very good marriage. Love each other, like each other, close to each other same interests and alot of trust. Never had a fight. Disagreements yes.
Awhile ago we foud out she needs someone larger than me. Its a mustnow. Much better for her. We love it this way. Her new love is.
THe first time she fell for someone else she most have felt someone she was't feeling with me.
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