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I know for sex he is primary with him. He is bigger than me and we found out awhile ago after she was with someone bigger she really needed that. Both of us love this way.
As far as love. When it first happened. She really needs to be in love with someone else to be able to tell me she needs to fall in love with somone else.
After it ended she mentioned feelings once. Nothing was said. After awhile she brought it up again but I think she had trouble saying it so I said love said yes and it has to happen again. She must be able to feel more love with someone else or theres some things she can't feel with me.
We have a very good marraige. Many things in common. Like each other, love each other and enjoy each other. Good communcation and trust.
With her new love she says she feels alot more love with him and feels closer to him. Nothing has changed with us. Thanks for you reply. Ron
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