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I always wonder why people go through so much effort to actually write a mail and quote parts of my profile when it's plain obvious they don't agree with anything I put up there (not even my profile picture haha). Anyway, I blocked that guy and also didn't reply to Cleopatra-guy.

This morning I had another one in my inbox

Hi there...came across your profile, liked it, and so I thought I'd drop you a message.

I'm British, well spoken and well read :-). I'm on this site out of a combination of jetlag and boredom, but always interested in finding interesting people. If you'd like to find out more just ping me back with a message;-)

I'm well educated and well travelled - used to live in Japan, Dubai, Paris....briefly in California, and now in Canada. Adore cooking and late night conversations....and try to combine both whenever possible ;-)

Look forward to hearing from you :-)
Gosh, what a lucky girl I am that he wrote me a message...NOT!
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