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Hello, and welcome to the forums. Sorry it is because you are having issues.

Originally Posted by triolove View Post
...But this was an important day for me. It was my five year with my man and i wanted to make it a wonderful day.
OK. It was a special/important day for you because it was your 5 year anniversary with your guy. So you wanted to make it "wonderful" - what plans did you make, other than having sex with him? How did those plans go?

Originally Posted by triolove View Post
But she made it hard. Top it off she said me that him I could have sex. But she could cause it was her time of the month. When it came down to it she would not let us, and he said he didn't want to make her uncomfortable. It made me so mad but more sad that he did not want to make love to me.
You say that "she" made it hard, that "she" didn't allow ("let") you have sex with him. BUT, why does "she" have any say in whether you have sex with your shared guy? Are you upset with your guy too (or just sad)? Why does "she" get to decide who "he" has sex with? (i.e. can you tell him that "he" can't have sex with "her" on their anniversary?) (OR, is there some BDSM type dynamic to this/these relationship(s) that you haven't told us about?)

Originally Posted by triolove View Post
How do I deal with something like this cause it got me so upset I am ready to walk. But i don't want to leave i love them both. I feel like anything i have to say don't matter to them. Its their way or no way.
How you deal with it may depend on whether this was an isolated event/misunderstanding and they apologized or whether this is an unhealthy pattern of behavior. WHY do you "love them both" if you feel that anything you "have to say don't matter to them"? THAT doesn't sound like loving behavior on their part,

Originally Posted by triolove View Post
I have told them how i feel. They tell me i am feeling wrong.
There is no such thing as "feeling wrong" in my book. You feel what you feel regardless of how irrational it may be.

Perhaps you are attributing the wrong "reasons" to why you are feeling what you are feeling. But no one can tell you that those aren't the feelings that you are having and you "shouldn't" be feeling them. They can only help argue the "why."

Originally Posted by triolove View Post
I just want to be able to get time with him like she dose too.
Have you put this on the table as some thing that you require? If you have and it has been ignored then you really need to question if you are getting what YOU need out of your relationship(s).

Originally Posted by triolove View Post
I don't know what they do while i am at work. But i feel i should get the same as she dose he was my man first.
Regardless of what she "gets" (which you say you don't know) AND regardless of who came "first"...again, are you getting what YOU need out of this? (If not, why stay?)

Originally Posted by triolove View Post
But i guess i am wrong for wanting anything.
No, you are not wrong for having your own wants. But saying it in this way just sounds defeatist, like you are giving in to them pushing you around..."poor me - I guess nothing that I want can be important, do what you want to me...sob, sob." If that is actually your attitude, then no one else can "help" you stand up for what you want - you have to do that for yourself.

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