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Woah... well, let me say something.

I have a feeling that he wants some alone time, not only because it's not healthy to be with someone 24/7 as you claim, but because (not trying to be mean here) you don't sound very mentally stable.

I wasn't very happy when my mate told me about it the first time either, but I didn't throw a fit. I was thankful that he was trusting enough to tell me about that stuff. We've had some conflicts lately, but I'm still trying to keep an open mind. Hell, even my two closest relatives and some friends (yes, they know) have told me that he's a good guy and I should trust him.

If you react so violently whenever he's trying to be honest with you, you will cause him not to tell you anything anymore, he's going to feel that you don't trust him and you're going to drift apart. Honesty is a good trait, keep that in mind.

If you are feeling so insecure, try asking a counselor or a psychologist. They will be able to help you cope better.

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