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Default No consent and pursuit ensued

We are a poly couple.. He just met a woman.. He told her that he is poly
And part of a couple she said I don't know if I can do something like that. It is a woman who lives in our small town so she knew that we were together and approached him. We are differing in viewpoint on consent. To him she was consenting when she approached him knowing he was already in a relationship.. To me, when he told her of our lifestyle and she responded with " I don't know about getting involved in something like that. That was the end if the discussion, no consent was given. He told me she was playing hard to get. I responded that is not honest. ( on her part). And asked if he found his lack of honesty attractive and he said yes? With his wooing and her developing a lot of nre with him ( while still saying idk/not yes) like 4-5 calls a day AND 20-30 texts on top of that. She finally "agreed" to date him. The whole time I was like wtf? I know mistakes will be made and I'm pretty sure this is one of them. But he doesn't see it that way. My feelings aren't jealousy more like confusion.

I've never actually met her. We have just seen each other in town so I don't have a read on her. But with the way the thing started sets off my intuition alarm... Anyone gave any insights?
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