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Default Males wired to be secondary?

Married male and wife fell in love with someone else. She had been sexually intimate with other men for a few years with my blessings. When she told me she had fallen in love and it had to happened again I felt peace and calm come over me. Not what I expected.
I've known for years that sex with someone else was a lot better for her and I love that. I also find it a turn on that she actually needs to be in love with someone else. Shes been in a 3 year relationship now and awhile ago they told each other they feel close. My wife loves him alot but they have not told each other they love one another. His wife is ok with him seeing other women. They don't have sex.
Which is a sign things are not good between them. Now she wants a divorce. My wife and I are hoping she can spend more time with him after he moves out. They date and when they make love they are in bed for two hours most of the time. Making love and talking. I sometimes get real aroused thinking she might love him more than me.
Wonder if some men are wired to be secondary when it comes to sex and love?
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